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Booster Club

Booster Club Mission Statement

To support and promote team spirit, camaraderie, and ideas of the SPYBA organization and our players through fundraising and philanthropic opportunities


  • Promote field and equipment improvements and maintenance
  • Develop scholarship funding for players with financial challenges
  • Provide support for needs that arise for players, facilities and/or equipment

Additional Information

In addition to updates posted here you can actively follow our events and activities through Facebook by clicking the "Find us on Facebook" button on the left hand side of this web page.

If you would like to be a part of the SPYBA family, please contact:
Tricia Mayek 715-340-8904


Position Group Name E-Mail Phone #
Booster Club Supervisor Board Mbr Tricia Mayek 715-340-8904
Booster Club Liaison 7 yo Sarah Gray 715-498-0398
Booster Club Liaison 8 yo Jodi Napiwocki 715-340-8800
Booster Club Liaison 9 yo Karla Landwer 715-572-2793
Booster Club Liaison Mackenzie Karaliunas 715-321-1114
Booster Club Liaison 10 yo Sarah Yang 715-321-3735
Booster Club Liaison Jen Cooper 715-340-0452
Booster Club Liaison 11 yo Celeste Lutgen 715-572-9369
Booster Club Liaison 12 yo Stephanie Suchowski 715-347-7760
Booster Club Liaison 14 yo Tricia Mayek 715-340-8904
Booster Club Liaison Melissa Madlena 715-340-1134
Booster Club Liaison Misc. Margaret Klismith