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Booster Club

Booster Club Mission Statement

To support and promote team spirit, camaraderie, and ideas of the SPYBA organization and our players through fundraising and philanthropic opportunities


  • Promote field and equipment improvements and maintenance
  • Develop scholarship funding for players with financial challenges
  • Provide support for needs that arise for players, facilities and/or equipment

Additional Information

In addition to updates posted here you can actively follow our events and activities through Facebook by clicking the "Find us on Facebook" button on the left hand side of this web page.

If you would like to be a part of the SPYBA family, please contact:
Margeret Klismith (715-340-6495)


Booster Club Members

Amy Helton 715.570.4860
Sue Kozisek 715.570.5798
Amy Tuskowski 715.570.2946
Holly Gaber 715.498.4409
Tricia Mayek 715.340.8904
Stacey Klish 715.498.6804
Margaret Klismith 715.340.6495
Wendy Stankowski 715.321.1638
Kelly Opiola 715.350.4396